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Heyyy!!! My name is Tam I am the CEO of "TooGlossy4U"! I started the idea of selling lipgloss back in 2020, I never knew selling lipgloss was possible until I saw someone on social media selling it and because the love I have for lipgloss I thought why not start my own business of doing something I love.

I chose selling lipgloss because I believe it helps women feel like they're THAT GIRL and because I feel like lipgloss attracts the eye to the lips immediately. It can make the lips appear to be fuller than what they really are. It can make a picture pop out more, and it's a great alternative for the people who don't like colored lipsticks. I started this brand to advertise myself and women all around the world confidence and inclusiveness!

So come and join me on this journey as it flourish into a big successful small business! I Thank You in advance for all the love and support!!

Yours Truly, Tam🤍

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